Software Engineering Web (PHP)

Software Engineering Web (PHP)

Software Engineering Web (PHP)

Course Description

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages that can interact with databases. It is a widely-used open-source language that is specifically used for web application development and can be embedded within HTML. PHP course is easy to learn for any newcomer, but also offers advanced programming features. PHP, as a scripting language, is popular among web developers because of its ability to interact with database systems including Oracle and SQL.


Some basic uses of PHP are:

  • It is used for creating dynamic websites.
  • To Interacting with a web server (Apache etc)
  • To interact with any back-end/database server e.g. MySQL
  • To interact with the native file system of the OS
  • To implement the business logical layers (one or more)
  • It can Encrypt Data
  • Access Cookies variable and set cookies…

Just to name a few

Business Advantage

PHP website offers a competitive advantage to businesses. Because of its infinite features, it helps businesses enjoy multi-tasking, easy modifications and customizations without any extra costs. Robust designs, user-friendly interface and easy integration again make it a PHP site more attractive one.

 Complete Control and Easy Codes

Compared with other scripting languages, PHP is very simple. The coding is very easy and clean which makes it so popular with web development service providers. It is neither very technical nor so tedious in comparison with other scripting languages. And because it is an open-source platform, there is 24/7 real-time support from developers across the globe. Therefore, businesses don’t have to deal with complicated codes and they can have complete control over their site.

Having PHP as a skill gives a competitive advantage in any web development role

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