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Project Management

Project Management

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Are you looking for a dynamic preparation tool for your PMP exam? Then our training course is your number one assistant. The PMP course comes with a series of intensive training conducted by a qualified instructor that will equip you with each and every detail related to your PMP certification test. Pass PMI PMP on the first try and become a certified professional in no time.

At some point in their career, almost every project manager wonders whether to get some sort of project management certification. The project management professional (PMP) certification, administered by e86 Limited, is by far the most widely recognized project management certification Abuja and beyond.

Based on the amount of time and money it takes to accomplish, it may seem daunting to get PMP certified. However, statistical data and anecdotal evidence support the conclusion that obtaining PMP certification has enormous value for project managers and their employers. That’s why, if you’re considering getting your master’s in project management, you should look for a program that prepares you to take the PMP exam.

PMI describes the PMP certification as “the gold standard of project management certification” that “validates your competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams”.

In order to apply to become a PMP, you must document having at least 5years job experience.

Why does It pay to Be PMP Certified?

While becoming PMP certified can be costly, complicated and time-consuming, it shows a high level of commitment to project management as a profession. Having the PMP certification provides you with a certain level of prestige and greater access to jobs with higher salaries. According to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition, “PMP certification holders earn 20 per cent more than their non-certified peers.”

More so, some employers require their project managers to be PMP certified or give hiring preference in PMPs. Research shows this can help companies be more competitive, productive, and meet their goals. According to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2015 study, in organizations where at least one-third of project managers are PMP certified, a greater number of projects are completed on time, within budget, and within scope.

Additional studies provide supporting evidence that high performance and success may be directly linked to employing PMP certified project managers. On average, about 40% of projects are successful and about 20% fail completely across a wide variety of industries. Project success rates tend to be associated with the project manager’s qualifications and experience. PMP certification is seen as an indication of potential success and remains the most recognized project management certification worldwide.

If you’re thinking about getting a certificate’s in project management, you should consider enrolling in the physical or virtual classes in Project Management program at e86 limited. The curriculum at e86 limited is not only aligned with international best practices, but it also prepares you to take the PMP exam.

We’ll talk about all that in more in this course.

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