e86 Annual Scholarship

e86 Annual Scholarship

e86 Limited provides ICT products, solutions and maintenance, and also provides quality ICT training with internationally recognised curriculum.

One of our core missions is to build human capital in technology across Africa, this is primarily designed to make life better for other people and to promote human welfare, especially for Africans.

‘e86 Humanity’ is the philanthropic arm of our company where we focus on developing the mind through various competitions and scholarship programs. Now, I know you are itching to hear all about it, I will definitely feel you in.

Our annual scholarship program is a medium we have created for individuals who are financially incapable, disadvantaged, and unable to gain access to our training programs but have done remarkable things within the society in the previous year.

There are people out there in their disadvantaged stages who have contributed in their own little way to the society, to help put smiles on people’s faces and make lives better, those are the people we are seeking to equally help make their lives better by giving them 100% scholarship on our ICT training programs.

How does it work?

1. Entries for recommendations of such individuals within your network will open in January.

You (Individuals, Government or Corporate organizations) are expected to make a single recommendation of someone who is:

  • Must be a Nigerian, in FCT-Abuja
  • Between the ages of 10 and 35.
  • Financially disadvantaged.
  • Has gone out of his/her way to contribute to society or help make better the life of another person between January and December of the previous year.

2. Entries are to be submitted electronically or physically at out office with the following details:

  • Full name of the nominee.
  • Address of the nominee.
  • Email of the nominee.
  • Phone number of the nominee.
  • A picture of the nominee.
  • A means of identification of the nominee (International Passport, Driver’s License, Permanent Voters Card or Work ID).
  • A nomination letter describing the person and what he/she has done. (Not more than 1000 words.)

3. Entries will close at the end of January and selected nominees will be announced in February.

A total of 10 nominees will be selected and they will begin their trainings with 100% scholarship.