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  • Book Rental & Sale

    You can access books based on your subscription or by outrighly purchasing them. This gives you that extra flexibility you have always wanted.

  • e-Books

    Gain access to different genres of books. We are sure you will find something you love.
    Our reader helps you with bookmarking, coloring and remembering exactly where you stopped reading.

  • Audio Books

    Vibe to your favorite books while you drive or work!
    We have audio books in different genres. Authors and content owners can also request for thier e-books to be converted to audio books.

  • Video Tutorials

    Our video learning functionality gives you access to video tutorials from different vendors with ease.
    Tutorial owners can stop worrying about the piracy of their content and can focus on creating quality training materials while we ensure a steady flow of revenue.

  • Review Tests

    Want to have a review test for your books and tutorials? Content owners are able to set review tests for all thier contents if desired. Also, those who have no content on Vibe but would like to create a review test are able to do so.

  • Graded Tests

    Tests can be setup as graded or ungraded.
    Users are allowed to choose their preffered mode of handling test results.

For Content Owners

  • Get Paid For Your Hard-Work

    Vibe ensures you get paid for your creativity, even while you sleep. Weather your content is accessed by subscription or by ourtright purchase, your revenue is guaranteed!

  • Protection From Piracy

    With Vibe, your content can only be accessed in-app.
    No downloads, copying or sharing. This helps you maximise your revenue while getting all the credit for your work.

  • No Geographic Restriction

    Vibe gives you the leverage to succeed by taking your content beyond borders, giving millions of people access to your work.

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