e86 ICT Curriculum for Schools


e86 ICT Curriculum for Schools

Our Business development partner, Mayowa Fasoyinu recently gave a presentation on the effectiveness of ICT training in Nigerian schools. Please see extracts from the presentation below:

e86 Limited, having carefully studied the core issues bewildering ICT education in Nigeria, has proffered a tested and trusted ICT solution in collaboration with international brands such as ORACLE, CISCO, NCCE(UK), and other professional ICT bodies to this ravaging problem in Nigeria.

ICT for K-12 is a solution that aims at revolutionizing the way Information Technology (IT) is taught in schools. The solution is specifically designed for the modern-day challenges in teaching IT in schools with a futuristic approach.

Information Technology (IT) in today’s world is no longer at the teacher’s prerogative. Our students are already exposed to many of the devices ranging from cell phones to tablets & are already aware and smart in using these devices and benefitting from the advantages of technology, even before they ever step into a school environment.

IT is part of our everyday life, so this subject has to be taught very differently. It cannot be taught with a conventional approach like other subjects. Instead, we have to make our students experience the facets of ICT in school so they can relate the subject with other life experiences.

Some of the challenges that schools face in teaching ICT include:

1. The enormity of subjects & technologies to teach
2. Smarter students to deal with
3. ICT Theoretical aspects are challenging to teach & learn
4. Availability of unscreened informal content on the Internet
5. The need for the continuous professional development of teachers
6. The need to find the right set of assessment methods and the dependency on the Internet

Our team of experts in ICT education brings about a well-researched solution that is custom-designed for addressing the modern-day challenges that schools and teachers face in ICT education by developing a robust range of K-12 grade (Kindergarten to Grade 12) level ICT training programs, organized by foremost international technology brands. Our goal is to make a measurable impact on students across the country, by giving them access to training on the most essential ICT skills.

We are expanding access to quality technical education in Nigeria. More students have built digital and entrepreneurial skills through our partnership program with top technological brands like Google, Oracle, NCCE(UK), and Cisco.

In collaboration with schools, we prepare students with the technical and soft skills needed to thrive in this digital economy. Where necessary, we equip schools with trainers and equipment necessary for the delivery of our curriculum.

What Students Benefit:

1. End-to-end technology
2. Coding
3. Computer networking
4. Robotics
5. Graphic Design
6. Certificates for each level completed from international brands like CISCO and ORACLE.

This is deemed the most valuable vocational skills and talent development program for students regardless of whichever career they choose to pursue in the future.

What Schools Benefit:

1. Registering schools as members of international organizations like CISCO Academy and ORACLE Academy
2. International Recognition
3. Standardized ICT Lab.

To be a part of this, register your school by contacting us today!

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