e86 Interview With ThisDay


e86 Interview With ThisDay

Our Senior Partner, OluGbenga Odeyemi was invited for an interview by THISDAY, and they talked extensively on Cybersecurity, the importance of Cybersecurity and the deficiency in the Cybersecurity space in Nigeria.

Let me give you a sneak peek of the interview:

How does one become a professional in Cybersecurity?

The growth of the Internet and technology in general has given us so many opportunities that didn’t exist 20 years ago. These opportunities have helped the human race to build new businesses, modernize old ones and model new ways of living. Just like life itself, there are always upsides and downsides.

Let’s take the internet/mobile banking as an example. It has made transactions a lot easier; customers can now send money and complete other financial transactions without entering a physical bank. As good as this sounds, there are people whose motive/job is to look for the weak points in these financial systems and try to use it to their own selfish advantage.

As we popularly say in the tech space, there is no technology platform that is 100% secure, the more valuable a platform is, the more attacks it will experience. So far, humans are still the weakest links in technology. A successful Cybersecurity breach could be due to a bad setup/configuration, bad programming decisions or untrained company staff.

I mentioned untrained company staff because no matter how secure your technology infrastructure is; it is people that will use and manage it. One of the most successful hacking techniques in the world today is called Social Engineering, in-fact, a very good hacker must be good at social engineering and successful hacking campaigns begin with social engineering.

The staff of a company could be contacted over the phone or by email and asked seemingly innocent questions. I’m am sure you have received one of those phone calls from strangers pretending to be agents of your bank trying to get you to give out your bank/card details. The intelligent ones spend most of their time researching about you before placing a call through.

Also, very close to this is the Phishing attack. This is also a social engineering attack where the target is sent a mail or text with links to click on. I’m very sure you have also received one of those emails telling you your account will be suspended if you don’t click on a link to take immediate action. Once a target clicks on such links, what will follow could be unimaginable. They may be able to steal your data, including login credentials and credit card numbers or even take over the operations of your device or technology infrastructure.

This is why we at e86 have taken time to properly structure our Cybersecurity curriculum. Our Cybersecurity program prepares participants for industry-relevant Cybersecurity examinations and also prepares them for the ever-changing technology-working environment. To become a professional, Simply register for any of our Cybersecurity programs, we will support you from the point of registration till you pass all your professional exams.

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