We Are Tirelessly Investing In The Girl Child

International girls

We Are Tirelessly Investing In The Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is being observed today. The theme for this year’s aptly named “Our Time Is Now – Our Rights, Our Future”.

The UNDP shared a video on social media captioned ” All girls have the right to a safe, educated and healthy life”

The girl child is deserving of the best possible education that will enable her to flourish in this digital economy.

It is noteworthy that through the CodePink Program, e86, one of Africa’s top tech companies, has sincerely devoted herself to this cause.

CodePink…..Our Why

As part of our vision to build capacity for Africans by Africans, we set out to improve female representation in technology across Africa. through code pink

A 2020 survey by One Campaign said:
“The participation of women in the Nigerian tech sector is low.” In a survey of 93 technology firms by ONE Campaign and the Center for Global Development, only about 30% were owned by women, mostly concentrated in e-commerce and enterprise solutions. Of the 93 surveyed tech firms, only six had a woman in a top management position. Worse still, more than one-third of the survey tech firms employed no women at all

In order to overcome the gender gap in technology, Code Pink, an initiative of e86 Limited, hosts an annual free code camp for teenage girls. In order to participate in the 15-week code camp, young girls who have just finished secondary school are chosen. These women are taught everything they need to succeed in software engineering after being removed from the fundamentals. Tools that will improve participants’ knowledge and abilities are also given to the top performers. These women are taught HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python programming, Django Framework, and Android programming.

We are confident to say that young ladies in our resident communities have truly benefited from the program, and they are already causing waves in their little ways.

Look to see a few of our beneficiaries talk about code pink

Sending you warm regards on this special day