<strong>Study Shows AI’s Potential to Predict Patients’ Future Health Conditions</strong>

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Study Shows AI’s Potential to Predict Patients’ Future Health Conditions

A groundbreaking study has unveiled the remarkable capability of artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate future health conditions in patients. Dubbed Foresight, this AI tool was jointly developed by researchers from King’s College London (KCL), University College London (UCL), and NHS Foundation Trusts.

Leveraging electronic records from NHS hospitals and a US dataset, Foresight demonstrated impressive accuracy in identifying potential disorders in patients. Zeljko Kraljevic, a research fellow at KCL, praised the tool’s precision in predicting health trajectories, while senior author Richard Dobson emphasised the critical importance of using appropriate data to train AI models.

Looking ahead, the research team is committed to enhancing Foresight’s accuracy and actively seeking collaboration with additional hospitals for further advancement.

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