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e86 Code Pink

As part of our vision to build capacity for Africans by Africans, one of the key areas we are focusing on is improving female representation in technology across Africa.

A 2020 survey by One Campaign said:

“The participation of women in the Nigerian tech sector is low. In a survey of 93 technology firms by ONE Campaign and the Center for Global Development, only about 30% were owned by women, mostly concentrated in e-commerce and enterprise solutions. Of the 93 surveyed tech firms, only six had a woman in a top management position. Worse still, more than one-third of the survey’s tech firms employed no women at all.”

The Code Pink annual code camp is a free code camp for teenage girls and is our way of covering the gender gap in technology. Young girls who have just completed their secondary school education are selected to participate in the code camp over a period of 15 weeks.

These girls are taught the basics and given all they need to succeed in software engineering. The best-performing participants are also rewarded with tools that will enhance their knowledge and skills.

This year, we will be selecting 32 lucky girls who are residents of Abuja or can provide for their own accommodation and welfare throughout the 15 weeks of the code camp in Abuja.

Selected participants will be required to spend 6 hours in class and at least 14 hours studying and practicing privately per week.

Our curriculum for this year is below:

2. CSS
3. Javascript
4. SQL
5. Python programming
6. Django Framework
7. Flutter Programming

Entry Requirements:

1. A letter of introduction from your secondary school stating your full name, gender, date of birth, and graduation year.
This letter should be addressed to “The program and innovation officer, e86 Limited”.

2. A completed consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Click here to download the form.

3. Must be a female between ages 13 and 18.

4. You must be physically available in Abuja for the 15 weeks of the code camp.

5. You must have a personal laptop to work with.

The application for 2023 Code Pink opens on May 1, 2023, and closes on July 31, 2023.

To apply, please click here.

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  1. Glory Afolabi

    Can’t wait to be part of this awesome opportunity ❤

  2. Ifeoma Ezekwem

    I am really excited to see this great opportunity,I have always have interest in computer programmes ,and things related to technology ,I believe this platform will help the teenage girls in becoming better women who can handle the field of technology,I feel honoured as a girl ,I appreciate the organisation e86

  3. Eunice Adeniyi

    Found out about this progarm a little too late and I would have love to participate,don’t know if I still can.

  4. Amos precious

    Found out this program would be a great one, can’t wait to participate if i might be allowed 🤗💋

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