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December 2022 e86 Computer Literacy Drive – Free Training

In November 2022, we announced our offer to train Abuja …

Meet the 2023 e86 ICT Scholarship Beneficiaries

Our annual scholarship program is a medium we have created …


New WhatsApp features – Creating Polls on WhatsApp

Up to 12 alternatives can be added to a poll …


New features on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a very powerful tool for commerce. …


New Features on WhatsApp

In order to manage group talks on WhatsApp, communities like …

Conditonal Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Excel.

It is simple to highlight specific values or make specific …


Data reporting with Charts in Excel

A chart is a visual depiction of a set of …

Data filtering in Excel

Another helpful analysis tool is learning how to filter in …

Excel Sorting

Data Sorting With Excel

The main goal of sorting is to prepare your data …

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When Will Robots Replace Human Beings?

The continual interaction between teams of humans, organizations, and the …